Engaging with an architectural technologist for design assistance is an important step and one of the earliest decisions clients will have to make to turn vision into reality.

A good team is the foundation of any successful design project. At Design Hall we value our clients and our contractors and are here to offer support during your design journey.


We love it when our clients bring in ideas, inspiration, and dreams. It’s our brand promise that we will incorporate our client’s visions of their perfect build into the end result. It’s our role to listen and provide professional input in any areas we think could cause problems, while incorporating as much inspiration as possible from our clients.


I Initial Consultation

The process begins with a complimentary appointment to go over the details of your project in depth. This provides the opportunity for both parties to understand what goals you have for your ideal home, discuss the finer details, and ask any initial questions. At the conclusion Design Hall will provide a tailored quote within 2-3 business days.

II Conceptual Design

Taking all the ideas and information from the consultation we develop an initial concept for your review. From here, the design is refined through creative collaboration until all aspects are perfect. During this process Design Hall not only is offering our expertise, but ensuring all design solutions are fully visualized and understood before moving onto the next project phase.

III Blueprint Drafting

As soon as the conceptual design is set the next phase is for Design Hall to create the final architectural set of drawings for the build. This process involves adding all the needed notes, dimensions, and technical information required for your contractors and trades. End result: extremely high-quality plans that effortlessly translate into a functional, beautiful home.

IV Exterior Colour Selection

Working with Design Hall we pride ourselves on assisting you to create that perfect plan, but also want to ensure the outside look of your home matches up with your vision. Included as part of our services is providing recommended exterior color selections based on actual products available.

3D Exterior + Interior Renderings

Through our 3D visualization services Design Hall has the ability to bring your blueprints to life before construction. Today the amount of material choices available are endless for our homes. Even more so we want to ensure the all finishes we select translate from swatch to the finished end result.

With this service clients are able to experience their future spaces or see the outside of their home through detailed, full colour images. Finishes can be demonstrated and compared to ensure that the colours are perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Design Hall only provide residential design services in Edmonton, AB?2021-07-07T21:36:23+00:00

Our main design studio is located in Westlock, near Edmonton, Alberta. While many of our clients are located in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, we enjoy working with clients across Alberta to create beautiful custom home plans.

Do you only design homes?2021-07-07T21:33:29+00:00

Design Hall provides residential drafting services. Our architectural technologist design services are also available for accessory buildings, garages, secondary suites, and other projects. Please contact us directly for more information about how we can help with your specific project.

Do I need blueprints for my project?2021-07-07T21:33:46+00:00

Typically, blueprints are required for any planned new construction or large-scope renovations and additions. For smaller-scope projects that are not significantly increasing the total living area and do not require engineering design services, blueprints may not be necessary.

For more information, check with your local development authority for the full set of items required prior to construction.

How long does it take to design a custom blueprint?2021-07-07T21:34:12+00:00

For new construction drawings, the process takes 2-3 months for full completion on average. However, this varies between each project, and is typically determined during the conceptual design phase.

What is included with the base design package?2021-07-07T21:35:11+00:00

Design Hall’s base design package includes:

  • Final architectural blueprints
  • Exterior colour selections


With the base package, you’ll have the architectural information needed to start the process of pricing, applying for building permits, and construction. Electrical plans are available for an additional service fee – contact us for details.

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