Residential Design Services

Your Dedicated Design and Drafting Professionals

At Design Hall, our vision is to build lasting relationships with our clients while designing beautiful, purposeful, and comfortable homes. We know that the results of a successful plan can last a lifetime. Regardless of which services you require for your project, you can trust that we will be fully devoted to serving your needs from start to finish.

From Conceptual Design to Blueprint

When you have a building idea for your home, you want to work with design professionals to translate your vision into concrete plans. At Design Hall, we start with conceptual design to capture your unique ideas and desires. Then we turn the design into detailed blueprints. Most of our clients combine these services to ensure the final project matches their vision. However, each service is also available independently.

Conceptual Design

Bringing your vision to life begins with understanding every aspect of that vision, from general preferences to detailed wish lists. During conceptual design, we connect your lifestyle and goals with your future home. This is a step that can’t be replicated in stock plans. The possibilities are virtually endless, and we are here to explore them alongside you. Once you have a detailed, visualization of your home, we move into the blueprint drafting phase.

Blueprint Drafting

When your conceptual design is complete, we will begin drafting the blueprint. Our detailed drafting services ensure your construction blueprints are produced with the utmost care and precision. At each stage in the process, there will be opportunities for revisions and additions. If you are looking for custom blueprint design in Edmonton, Alberta, the Design Hall team can’t wait to help you begin the process!

Colour Selection Consultation

Colours and specific combinations of colours can have a powerful effect on how we feel about a space. That’s why Design Hall offers colour selection consultations for new home plans for clients. We will connect your design with colour palettes from readily available materials to ensure you receive exactly what you envision. Our goal is to help you finalize your concept and simplify the decision-making process.

3D Renderings + Visualizations

Through our 3D visualization services Design Hall has the ability to bring your blueprints to life before construction. Today the amount of material choices available are endless for our homes. Even more so we want to ensure the all finishes we select translate from swatch to the finished end result. With this service clients are able to experience their future spaces or see the outside of their home through detailed, full colour images.

3D Renderings for Exteriors

When we design homes, we always want to leave clients with complete clarity about what their homes will look and feel like. Exterior 3D rendering services give us an opportunity to unveil the exterior of your home in a 3D virtual environment. This allows you to review everything from style to finishes, all before the first shovel hits the ground.

3D Renderings for Interiors

We know that visualizing your dream home can be a challenge when you are looking at ink on paper. Design Hall takes your house plans and turns them into virtual spaces that you can explore as if you were in the completed room. We are always pleased to take your custom design to the next level so that you can “try on” your new home before making your final decisions and material selections.

Custom Blueprint Drafting and Design in Edmonton & Beyond

Design Hall’s planning services can help you achieve your custom home vision. To learn more, reach out to us today for a personalized consultation. We serve Edmonton and the surrounding areas, as well as clients across Alberta. We look forward to hearing about your vision for the future!

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