Welcome to Our Studio

Working with you to design a purposeful home with your next chapter in mind.

Design Hall brings our passion for custom design to a broader audience by simplifying the residential design process in an easy-to-understand way. As our clients stretch between urban and rural areas, it’s important to us to have a flexible approach that creates a positive experience for all.

Where we reside is an extension of ourselves and our way of living. Our belief is that home design should address each individual’s unique set of needs, and inspire and simplify the lives we lead.

Community, Collaboration, Relationships

High-quality design work results from a combination of expertise, processes, and people. Design Hall has carefully crafted our services around our guiding principles of community, collaboration, and relationships.


Design Hall is committed to beautiful designs that complement and enhance both community and local heritage ties. Working locally and giving back to communities is an important part of practicing our core values and ethics.


As architectural technologists, we can only do so much on our own. A cooperative environment has always produced Design Hall’s best work. The partnerships we form with our fellow trades build a sense of community and trust. Design Hall is in the process of building an architectural network of professionals, ensuring there are always original, fresh ideas on each project and our work continues to follow best practices.


Relationships are at the heart of our work. Design Hall partners with you throughout your project, striving to become a source of knowledge, confidence, and creativity from the moment we meet to the moment you walk into your new home and well beyond. Our goal is to build homes and relationships that will stand the test of time.

How We Offer High-Quality Design Services


A good team is the foundation of any successful custom home design project. We value our relationships with our clients and contractors. Design Hall is in the process of building a full-service team of trusted, pre-vetted trades professionals to refer our clients to when needed. This will include interior designers, home builders, engineers, and other experienced residential construction experts.

home designers edmonton | Owner Michelle Wiese
home designers edmonton | Owner Michelle Wiese


Every little aspect of each project is considered, right down to exterior finishes, colour palettes, and functional design decisions within the blueprint. Our designs are poured over to ensure an extremely high commitment to both details and aesthetic choices; our goal is to help you experience complete joy upon taking your first step inside your new home.


Looking at 2D blueprints is valuable, but bridging the gap between the blueprints and what your home will actually look and feel like is more difficult. We know that it’s important for you to be able to fully visualize your dream home in detail. We offer 3D modelling of the exterior of your home alongside your blueprints. For a more in-depth experience, you can also choose to have custom interior and exterior 3D renderings of your house plans created. Each rendering is an exploration of the decisions we have made and provides a thorough walkthrough of your new home.

home designers edmonton | Owner Michelle Wiese

Michelle Campbell (Wiese)


Architectural technologist + Residential design specialist

Known for her curious mind and creative vision, Michelle Campbell brings her depth and passion for architectural design to the forefront of the industry. A graduate of NAIT, Michelle has grown her diverse portfolio of remarkable custom work over the course of her career. Drawing inspiration from the built environment, historical elements, and her travels, her designs are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, yet functional for everyday life and their locale.

Michelle has resided in Edmonton & St. Albert during her professional life but grew up in Westlock, AB. With established family roots in the Westlock community for over a century, she brings these rural, prairie values into the urban landscape; this is a natural extension of her work ethics and her drive to not only improve her clients’ way of living, but also enhance local communities through her trade.

home designers edmonton | Owner Michelle Wiese

Let’s Connect!

Our years of experience in design and drafting, combined with the meticulous care we take with every client, have allowed us to create many successful custom home-build projects in Edmonton, AB. We welcome the opportunity to meet new people, whether you are interested in a custom build or you are a contractor or professional.